I’ve written on a couple of occasions about the current political situation in Bulgaria.

The whole summer I couldn’t wait for new elections to come, and I definitely didn’t expect them to be on their regular date. I expected the government to resign in September, but hey, some people just don’t care.

So, they finally came. I voted as early as I can - around 8 in the morning. The results to me are great. Not everybody agrees on that, some want a stable government (we definitely don’t need it right now in my opinion), some had unrealistic expectations because they don’t follow polling…

I think these are the best elections that I’ve participated in. Sure, the result from them can lead to a little bit of chaos, but we definitely need that, something has to stir the pot. It’s the first time that the leading and corrupt party has a solid wall of opponents and no way to form a cabinet. I enjoy every moment of that.