Having a Cheat/Reward Days

Burger, Lemonade, Sauces

Illustration by Elsma Ramirez

I’ve been working out three times a week for more 10 months now, but it wasn’t until I moved to a stricter diet and daily workouts, that I found out how fun and important cheat reward days can be.

Up until now, the weekend was my time to rest and basically do whatever I want, but I was still avoiding fatty and excessively sugared foods.

Fortunately, I found out that by working harder, it’s really enjoying to have a cheat reward days/nights as a prize for your dedication. Days where I can just sit down with junk food and watch a tv show.

The best thing about this approach is that it enforces a positive feedback loop where you start to work harder, knowing that at the end of the week you can reward yourself with whatever you want because you’ve deserved it, right?

Not gonna lie, foods and free time taste best when they are earned.