New Parliament

Maybe a followup to Elections.

The new parliament swore, and I’m continuing to very much enjoy our “political crisis” as some are over dramatising.

I watch the sessions live when I can, I even watch the sessions of commissions that the parliament forms for every field that requires attention from lawmakers.

Following the parliament sessions is a tricky thing. Sometimes you can feel stupid by seeing grown-up people in suits acting very very dumb, but sometimes (more often in this parliament as things are very heated) you can hear gems and clever comebacks that you can hardly forget in the next few weeks or months.

Maybe the most interesting thing for me to watch is the drama. Nobody from the leading and corrupt party is used to being the opposition, so you can see in their faces and by the things they say on the podium, how much they hate that.

Sadly, as nobody can form a cabinet, we are looking at another election in July, so no parliament in the next months, but this is definitely the right direction for me. Some don’t believe that results will be different, but they will for sure change in a more positive way. Now that people saw what support the new parties have, they can switch bandwagons more easily. This will definitely affect the results in the summer.

Also, there are many positives even from the current short term parliament - finally, there’s going to be a new prime minister (being it temporary appointed one, it doesn’t matter in this case) so uneducated people can stop thinking that they should bow to a corrupt person just because he says so.
New voting laws which can help mitigate voting manipulations (there were 600 000 invalid ballots in 2019, WTF?).
Things are changing for the first time in many years, and most people can see it. The results are direct proof of that.

Hopefully, we can keep the right amount of pressure and get out of this situation in a much better shape — with a parliament we can trust a little bit more.