No Mans Sky

After a year after I wrote about Internet Historian: Engoodening of No Mans Sky. I finally have some play time in it.

Initially, I was very invested in the game. I played it for non-stop for a couple of days. It’s very beautiful, but it can be very challenging in the beginning. I chose to play on a survival mode, which was kind of hard and scary for a blind play through. I appreciated all the details, but most of the time in my first days I was struggling not to be killed by any of the dangers with which the game can surprise you.

The story was cool, but it felt kind of repetitive at times. I hate games that force you to grind a lot of items for progression (Hello World of Warcraft). So that game mechanic kind of overshadowed all positive merits of the game, and I stopped playing it after I finished the main story.

As I said — it’s a beautiful game, and as every sandbox — you can choose how to play it, but for me, certain aspects got too repetitive — fighting and resource gathering. I just don’t have the time now to spend hours gathering resources from system to system. It often feels like a loop (ironic because of the story) — gathering the same resources over and over, just so you can spend them for fuel and upgrades, so you can continue grinding for resources again, and then meeting the same enemies, and fighting the same battles.

Great game in overall, but just not the right time for me. I play grinding games only for a short amount of time. I get burned out pretty easy nowadays.