Owning Game Console

I have never had a good gaming PC. I always had a normal computer, just enough to run a relatively old game without annoying me, in most of the cases - just enough to play World of Warcraft without major issues. But I always avoided playing the new and shiny games.

This continued for 15 years. My latest machine that I use for work is like a veteran now. I have continuously sucked nearly every byte of available memory while I played Hardcore Minecraft in 2020. Then any performance improvement I can gather from the shitty video it has, when I wanted to play Minecraft Dungeons for a bit (on Windows, on very low resolution and lowest settings, so I can at least have 24 frames per second). To the countless hours playing WoW and WoW Classic, to the point where my video kind of “burnt” and can no longer produce a normal white colours without playing with the colour profiles of the display. And that is just a handful of very recent examples, I have tortured my MacBooks for many years.
Why? I played very occasionally and I didn’t want to spend money on gaming pc especially having to set up a place for it and the accessories that come with it. My place was not that much spacious.

Maybe a missed opportunity on my side, is that I never got into the consoles, I liked playing on keyboard and mice and kind of thought that the games I play are rarely ported into consoles. Well, as sometimes happens, I changed my mind after having friends buying themselves Playstation 4’s and especially the time I spent at a friend, playing Call of Duty and FIFA while eating lots of junk food.

So in April I budgeted some money from my first salary after more than year and bought myself PS4 Pro and a huge ass monitor, and what can I say - it’s just different.

I cannot stop enjoying it, it’s like I made myself purposely play on bad setups, just so I can appreciate it now. It still feels weird to play very detailed games in 4K and to have a wide field of view, without caring if my machine will survive the day.

Definitely a new feeling, which I want to get used to.