Here’s the main reason that I was late on so many things in the late summer. After a long chain of events, a massive protests erupted in Bulgaria, and for those who are far away from Eastern Europe - this is a huge deal. In my country usually mass protests lead to huge rearrangement in the political powers(not instantly of course) and in general there are interesting political news to read every day.

So, because of the vicious news cycle during such times, I was soaking up everything I could. Every event, every opinion, and as a result of this I wasn’t able to focus on other things. Basically this is why I’m writing this thing of the week more than month and a half late.

Aside from my complaints about not caring about other things, I love when such times come. You see how corrupted politicians try everything they can to stay in power, you see the best and sometimes the worst from people. You start to wonder how and if some of the things will change. You are angry about one event, but then the story unfolds and you are happy and hyped about how it ended. Always exciting times for me personally.

I won’t go in details, just… if you have something to say about an issue, turn off your favourite social network and go out to speak about it, your people need you.