On making Tuesday from the second try


Short personal story

I remember the day very clear. Previous night I decided to get up early, go to Costa Coffee, and start the project. My plans were to finish it in one month, deadline that now sounds to me very optimistic, given the fact that I finished Tuesday in month and a half. But with the experience that I had then a month is impossible.

It was around 8:00 in the morning. I remember waiting for green light to pass the street while listening to great instrumental version of ‘Please’ from U2.

I was motivated and filled with hope that I will make my first theme.

I was that bad back then.

I sat down and started to explore the files of the starter WordPress theme/framework that I downloaded to ease my development. The funny thing was that the framework had SASS, LESS stylesheets, and normal CSS as well. I started to edit some random files just to see changes to the page, and to know that I’m on the right track, but I had huge problems. The syntax was looking weird, and I wasn’t seeing any changes to the page. I had no idea which stylesheet the page was using. The whole thing started to look big to me, too big to handle at that time. I was that bad back then.

Not surprisingly after this mess, it was easy to decide that I don’t have the skills and experience to build what I wanted to.

Year later

Year later thanks to the little work that I’ve done on mapthe.net - a project from my friend Stoyan Delev, I started to have a dev routine and I was hungry for new projects.

I started to build up my portfolio, I decided to try again and make WordPress theme, but this time seriously. The idea had many pluses - give something back to the open source community, drive traffic to my portfolio, check my PHP skills, and learning new CMS system is a great reason on itself.

Since I started developing the theme on tuesday, I spent little time to think of a name and just named it “Tuesday”. I wanted Tuesday to be nice and clean, with design just enough to get the things done. With light colors and little graphics, mostly I wanted to be focused on the text, maybe the most important thing in one blog.

I had an idea to implement something that not many themes have built in - to change the main font of the blog. After some search, I found a small script on Stack Overflow by Giovanni Cappellotto that helped me to fetch a list of Google Fonts, I added few font options and the font setting was done.

After I completed customization settings and the responsive design - Tuesday was ready.

Final thoughts

I had fun developing Tuesday, and I hope people find it useful. Now the struggle is to find time to keep it up-to-date.

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