The spirit of 2014 - Warpaint


I remember that I first heard Warpaint early this year. I assume that I just followed some pitchfork link to their new single, maybe because I thought that their name is cool.

Sure, I hardly imagined that about year later - on 31st of December, I will be writing about them.

I remember that I instantly liked the dark mood and the melancholic sound of Love is to die.
Then I decided to listen their first album - The Fool. Which at first listen I thought it was weird but not so bad for listening. I thought that I will definitely wait for their new album. In the meantime The Fool started to grow on me on every listen and songs like Undertow and Composure became my favourites for night listening.

The release of Warpaint(self-titled album) was at time when I was starting to get up very early - around 6 at the morning. It was then when I started to feel that Warpaint is the perfect band to listen at 6:00 am. Now, most of the times when I hear Intro - the first song of the album, I remember the early winter mornings when my first thing was to check the photos I received from my rover in Extrasolar.
The sound and spirit of Warpaint become emblematic for night/early morning listening.

So, maybe it’s not surprising that my favourite album of 2014 is Warpaint.

It’s my favourite album to listen in the dark and when I need music to boost my creativity.
Every song of the album whispers you and quietly invites you to places where the most important things are the ones which we cannot see.

Warpaint is not perfect, there are many music albums which came this year that deserve to be THE album of 2014, but only few of them come close to the feelings that Warpaint can give you.

The other two albums that I should mention here as best of 2014 are U2 - Songs of Songs of Innocence and Rips by Ex Hex.

Continuing the tradition I started previous year - I made my 34 of 2014 playlist where I’ve added my favourite songs of 2014 (surprise surprise - it starts with Warpaint - Intro)