“Thing of the week” is a journal like section where I write about something important from my week worthy enough to be shared. Most of the time it follows the format of Extremely my shit and A good place, which are the main inspiration behind these series.

FTL Faster Than Light

This game has a special place in my heart: - It was my way to cope with the first 2020 lockdown. I played it 12+ hours a day for a few weeks straight. Aside from some stressful runs, it was a great distraction that kept me from reading covid news all day (I allowed myself to check news only during dinner)

Algorithmic Code Challenges

Some people hate the so-called algorithmic code challenges, probably because of their overuse in interviews, but to be fair - I love like them. I have my portion of failed interviews because of an unsolved code challenge, so I see how one can be against them, or even feel stressed out just from opening Leetcode.

Justina Valentine Freestyle

This one is for the hip-hop fans that can appreciate a good freestyle. It’s not only the first woman to do the five fingers of death, but she did it on top of her head with very hard beats.

Failing on Important Interview

I am writing this many weeks later after the events transpired, so this “thingy” would lose its emotional parts, but this may be for good. I have had this approach to job hunting where I would choose a company purely based on values and then try to tailor my resume and tech stack to give me a better chance, as I am fluid about the programming languages I use.

Illusions of Time

Nostalgia would be a prevalent topic in these journal-like series, so this great video by Vsauce is unsurprisingly the thing of the week. It’s a 30-minute masterpiece on how people perceive time. Aside from constantly making you ask yourself “Am I really that old now” it presents research and terms to explain for example, why it seems that time goes faster as we age, and our own biases when we think about events that happened in the past.

Anki Flashcards

I found out about Anki in a very nice article called How to Make Yourself Into a Learning Machine Although I am yet to try the many good practices mentioned in the post, I did try using Anki flashcards during my interview prep.

Not Just Bikes

The first video I watched from Not Just Bikes was sent to me by a friend with a high interest in city planning. Putting aside how good are the arguments there. The video clicked with me because it reminded me of the things I hated about Sofia.

Darkest Dungeon

Darkest Dungeon is an indie game I bought on a cyber Monday discount, after seeing in a couple of streams and reading how unforgiving it is (I’m an FTL veteran, I like such games).

Honeypot Documentaries

I love watching videos about open source engineers and their projects. Often I will have one of these days where it’s plain hard to motivate myself to work on my projects, or some chore (especially if it’s not that interesting and it feels more like a boring chore).

Walking at Night Videos

I’ve watched many of the binaural city walk around city X videos, but it wasn’t until this year’s pandemic that made me fully appreciate them. If you are in lockdown, can’t travel, and feeling nostalgic about a place you miss — watching such videos can fill that void.


I remember Bear was getting popular at the time that Evernote had its first massive pushback. Someone at Evernote decided that people want more AI in their notes, which unsurprisingly turned out to be wrong and drove some people out of their platform.

How to With John Wilson

I’m behind on most of the tv shows I followed before 2020. I don’t have the time and the will to focus on one at the moment. The same goes with discoveries. I haven’t discovered any new shows this year.

Stopped Using Facebook

I was clearing some links from the hundreds of articles that I have marked as “To Read”. And Somewhere at the end of the marathon, I stumbled upon Facebook’s problems can be solved with design.

Skating in the Night During a Pandemic

I’ve been having pretty much the same night routine in the last 3 months — going out to skate with my longboard while listening to a podcast or an album (Beach House, mostly). Doing this at the end of the summer was actually pretty fun.

Minecraft Atmospheric Videos

I’ve mentioned multiple times that I have problems finding what to listen to while working. Here’s my new addition to the topic — 10 hour Minecraft ambience videos. They were spoon-fed to me by the YouTube algorithm and I didn’t regret checking them out.

Beach House - Bloom

I discovered this album almost randomly on Twitter(of all places) around the time it was released about 8 years ago. It’s one of those cases where to this day I’m still grateful that I checked an album recommendation from a tech journalist’s tweet because I doubt I would’ve found Bloom from my usual channels.

Waking Up Early

Getting up from the bed at the earliest hour possible is the pivot of all self-care articles ever written by the self-proclaimed life/productivity hackers on medium. I have my share of periods of trying hard to get up at 7-8 in the morning, without hating it with every part of my body.

Inter Typeface

A few years I back I loved to check what font people used for their site, I even had browser extension for this purpose, it could tell me the font just by pointing to the text I was interested in.

Brain Fm

Surprise surprise! Another week, another productivity thingy. I’ve probably read about brain.fm in Engadget because I remember trying it at work for a while, without being that much impressed, although every time I listen to this wonderful track they’ve put for free on YouTube, I think about checking it again.


Here we go, another productivity app. This week’s thing is an app called Forest, which as kind of popular and I’m late to the party but I just found out how it can help me.


I was a strong opponent to writing on paper, I’ve tried a plethora of to-do apps, used an erasable “smart notebook”, bought a touch screen pen, there was even a time that I was worried that I won’t be able to fill legal documents right (that bad) but it wasn’t until I decided to buy myself a Fountain Pen as a gift (inspired from a subreddit about fountain pens) that I turned my mind around paper.

The Changelog Podcast

Usually I don’t have time for podcasts, it’s not that I can’t find interesting ones, I just don’t have the habit of investing time in them I guess. But there’s one podcast that I just can’t stop following - The Changelog.


Around 7 years ago when I was already deep down in the jungle of becoming a self-taught software engineer, I don’t remember how, but I’ve stumbled on checkio. At that time it had support only for Python (my first language).

Taking a Time Off

Illustration by Vijay Verma Over the last few years, I’ve always been taking days off work for specific reasons, mostly traveling and concerts. So, something strange happened in late July and August that caught me by surprise.


It took me a few summers to decide, but I’ve finally bought myself a longboard 😲 Aside from turning my legs into jelly the next day and making my other workouts harder, it’s a great way to cruise around and hype to a hip-hop bangers.

Fall Guys

Let’s see if I’m able to explain this game. It’s a battle-royal kind of game where you start with 59 other players and try to get to the finish line or not get knocked out of a platform.

Illustrations for Everyone

Illustration by Susana Ortiz Time has finally come for the second “thing of the week” about tooling. Over the years I’ve bookmarked various services which provide quality and free illustrations (perfect for side projects) and it wasn’t until this month that I finally used one of them for a project I’ve been working on.

GTA Vice City Radios

A nostalgic one. I actually don’t remember what reminded me to search videos about Vice City, but for sure I’m thankful I did. Probably everybody that played this game has memories of driving a car around while listening to the quality made radio stations.

Having a Cheat/Reward Days

Illustration by Elsma Ramirez I’ve been working out three times a week for more 10 months now, but it wasn’t until I moved to a stricter diet and daily workouts, that I found out how fun and important cheat reward days can be.

Six Problems With Our School System

This is a video I’ve been keeping for a long time because as a someone who rarely had any interest in school besides sports, it speaks deeply to me. Of course, some of the ideas presented in the video are not a silver bullet for the perfect learning experience, but I like the mindset from which they are coming.


Here’s the main reason that I was late on so many things in the late summer. After a long chain of events, a massive protests erupted in Bulgaria, and for those who are far away from Eastern Europe - this is a huge deal.

World of Warcraft

Here we go, the game you now hate while playing, but love while not. The main source of nostalgia for millions of people, and one of the reasons I skipped writing a couple of posts here, because I was busy levelling and gearing my new Death Knight.

Typewriter Businesses

I have a soft spot for people who try to preserve forgotten technology and old ways of doing things, so this post is about typewriter businesses, and I’m not talking about antic stores, I’m talking about legit typewriter selling and repairing places with 5 star reviews.

Every Frame a Painting

Most of the times on YouTube you spot pretty quick if the content is thoroughly researched and tailored to the last detail. That was definitely the case when I stumbled on Every Frame a Painting a few years ago.

The Underground Hip Hop Mixes

This week I want to drop a huge thanks to the people who create the underground Hip-hop mixes on YouTube. Hip-hop is probably one of the few music genres where you can pinpoint with a high precision where and when it started.

Zach & the off Camera show

I have seen a couple of videos from the off camera show a while ago while searching around YouTube (that black & white is something you never forget), but never actually decided to check other interviews from it.

Internet Historian: Engoodening of No Mans Sky

I haven’t played No Man’s Sky yet, mainly because I don’t have where, but if you are following game news at least at the basic level - you probably have heard of the hype around the release of No Man’s Sky, the harsh criticism that it didn’t live up to its promised gameplay, and then its near heroic return, with a couple of really successful patches.


This week’s issue is about the thing that made the most impact on my productivity in the last year. Few months ago I had one of these days where I was in a mood to give chances to todo apps I haven’t tried yet (the list was shrinking).


Here we go, issue 1. I will probably sound like one of these cheesy TV shop commercials that want you to call in the next 5 minutes for a great deal, but hear me out. Chance is you’ve already seen this tool in the newsletters you follow.