Algorithmic Code Challenges

Some people hate the so-called algorithmic code challenges, probably because of their overuse in interviews, but to be fair - I love like them.

I have my portion of failed interviews because of an unsolved code challenge, so I see how one can be against them, or even feel stressed out just from opening Leetcode.

But hear me out - code challenges are helpful. They are not just the wall that you have to overcome to even have a chance in the top software companies. They force you to jump into the world of algorithms and data structures, which sadly, depending on where you work, are rarely used in day-to-day work.

With enough practice, you even start seeing problems differently. You can also learn new problem-solving methods, which is quite important.

They are also really helpful in the process of learning a new language, code challenges were always my go-to method of learning a language, aside from starting a side project.