Anki Flashcards

I found out about Anki in a very nice article called How to Make Yourself Into a Learning Machine

Although I am yet to try the many good practices mentioned in the post, I did try using Anki flashcards during my interview prep. I used it to prepare myself for questions I might be asked during the interview and making sure I do not forget things I learned about Ruby in the last month.

I think there’s a huge potential in using Anki Flashcards to study and push yourself in mastering a new language or a new hobby that involves heavy learning.

Another huge positive is the community around Anki - some people create Anki decks containing thousands of most used words for a specific language and even decks about System Design.

Definitely check the above-mentioned post. I can’t wait to have the time to create a learning system for myself, and without a doubt - Anki will be part of it.