Brain Fm

Surprise surprise! Another week, another productivity thingy.

I’ve probably read about in Engadget because I remember trying it at work for a while, without being that much impressed, although every time I listen to this wonderful track they’ve put for free on YouTube, I think about checking it again.

These weeks I really have trouble finding what to use as a background noise while working and studying (one can listen to only that much lo-fi and boom bap mixes) so it was the perfect time to try it again.

I found the promo code they’ve sent me around April and was able to subscribe at a really unemployment friendly price. Now after using it on a daily basis for more than 10 days, these are my review points:

It does the job. Although there’s always a chance to stumble on a track that just doesn’t work for you (music is highly personal thing), most of them are really good for focusing on your tasks. I won’t go into details about the science they use - it’s one of their main selling points, so you can just read about it from the source.

Actually better for sleeping or relaxing. Using their service for focusing on work is great, but the catalogue in their sleep or relaxing section is my favourite thing so far. I was stuck on listening to a few lo-fi mixes before bed, so trying was a welcomed change. The relaxing section has one of the best tracks you can get with you for that sweet quick nap.

Repetitive enough to find favourites, not repetitive enough to get annoyed. One reservation you can have about such service, is that the music will start to get repetitive and annoy you. So far this haven’t happened to me, I’ve favourited a few tracks and listened to the same category almost every day - it’s all good for now. I actually think that it will be harder to remember individual songs because of the vibey/vibrating (don’t know how to call them) bits that they add to the music, it makes focusing on individual parts or sounds from the music really hard.

Do try their service if you, as me, are in constant struggle about what to listen, and if you do - please make sure that you try their mobile apps, they are much better than the experience you’ll get on their web page.