Here we go, another productivity app.

This week’s thing is an app called Forest, which as kind of popular and I’m late to the party but I just found out how it can help me.

Basically, it’s an app to keep you focused and not looking at your phone constantly. If you set a timer and succeed in not interrupting it - you grow a tree, then in time you grow a forest and that’s basically it.

My use case is kind of different, I’m struggling to find a time tracking app that works for me. I’ve used many (longtime rescue time user), but something is always missing, my productivity just doesn’t improve from the things I’ve tried, there were no positive side effects.

So, this week I started using forest as a pomodoro timer. I set a time I plan to work on a task and in 95% of the time it works, I’m getting things done efficiently.
I don’t know what’s about this app, considering there are probably hundreds pomodoro timer apps out there. I guess it’s the design and how they’ve organised the whole workflow, although probably my favourite thing is the reports they provide, which helps me a lot in keeping track of my “work” week. I’m even in the process of changing how I organise my weekly tasks because of it.

And the funniest thing is that I actually decided to try it after seeing it in use on this video.