FTL Faster Than Light

FTL Faster Than Light

This game has a special place in my heart:
- It was my way to cope with the first 2020 lockdown. I played it 12+ hours a day for a few weeks straight. Aside from some stressful runs, it was a great distraction that kept me from reading covid news all day (I allowed myself to check news only during dinner)
- I like most space games, so I enjoy the story very much.

But the reason I’m writing this now, is that I just did something I wasn’t sure I’ll be able to.

I beat FTL on Hard.

Yeah, it took me ~280 hours, but only FTL players know how much of a big role RNG plays during a run on Hard.

I mean, I almost gave up during my winning run, because I took damage that required me to spend lots of scrap, just to turn things around in a couple of turns because of a few lucky events.

Sure, you also need a lot of hours invested and deep knowledge of the game to beat it on Hard. But without a good RNG - there’s a really low chance of a win. I still lose good runs in a single battle, just because a few bad events happened to form the perfect storm to lose my crew in.

I love this game. I still remember how surprised I was when I was trying to beat it on Easy, and found out that the final boss ship actually flees the final battle, not once, but twice!

I beat it on normal with every ship. I did all the achievements.

And if you like space games - you should definitely try it!