GTA Vice City Radios

GTA Vice City Fever 105 radio

A nostalgic one.

I actually don’t remember what reminded me to search videos about Vice City, but for sure I’m thankful I did.

Probably everybody that played this game has memories of driving a car around while listening to the quality made radio stations. There was something relaxing in listening to disco music without regretting it, while exploring a virtual city you’ve already spent too much time in.

Having enough experience playing games, over the years you stumble on one thing that is probably prevalent for all people - there’s nothing more nostalgic about an old game, than the virtual world that it created. 3D worlds are the strongest connection you can have with a game, it’s probably something linked to our brain’s need for orientation or knowledge of our surroundings. Combine that with the great memories that seeing these virtual places can trigger and you start to appreciate the videos that people still create about a two decades(almost) old game.

Here are some of the ones I enjoyed:

The GTA Vice City tourist

The GTA Vice City Tourist: A Tour of Vice City

Radio Emotion 98.3

Flash FM

Fever 105