Inter Typeface

Inter typeface

A few years I back I loved to check what font people used for their site, I even had browser extension for this purpose, it could tell me the font just by pointing to the text I was interested in.

Now I rarely need this kind of information, so I lost interest, the internet is full of Roboto font variants anyway.

A few weeks back though, I was in the look for design ideas about one of my projects, and I stumbled on that great design that used the macOS San Francisco Round typeface, which not surprisingly can’t be used for a non-apple related stuff. I remember I did a few google checks for alternatives, checked recommended fonts and then disappointingly settled on some variant of Roboto.

As the early look of my project was getting more finished, the font was probably the main thing that bothered me.
I continued to check how cool it could’ve looked if I could use the font I wanted. Now, luckily this prompted me to do another search for similar typefaces, this time I changed the wording a bit, which after a few clicks, lead me to an old and closed stackoverflow question on the same topic. This time there was an answer with actual font recommendation — Inter.

It looked so beautiful, and exactly the look I searched with SanFrancisco Rounded before that. I remember anxiously scrolling to find a price tag of $80 or something, but nope, there was nothing about price on that page. It is free!

Going forward to now — I am a happy user, I use it on two projects, I plan to even use it for my new resume.

The typeface was created by
Mad props to him for the great work.