The Changelog Podcast

Usually I don’t have time for podcasts, it’s not that I can’t find interesting ones, I just don’t have the habit of investing time in them I guess. But there’s one podcast that I just can’t stop following - The Changelog.

On their site the show is promoted as Conversations with the hackers, leaders, and innovators of software development.
It’s the only podcast with which I have a fear of missing out relationship. I often have periods in which I listen episodes almost daily, but then I change something in my daily routine and I just forget about it or I just want to listen to music instead. But whenever I decide to pick it up again, I always pick up from where I left off. No skipping.

For example these weeks I’m listening to episodes almost on a daily basis, but I’m still more than 2 years behind. The last episode I finished was recorded in June of 2018.

I highly recommend the podcast, it’s a great place to hear about projects you didn’t knew about, hear stories from creators of widely popular ones, or follow a discussions about everything related to open source. They also produce other interesting podcasts.

Another thing I can praise them about is the weekly newsletter they maintain. It’s my favourite newsletter (and I follow around 5). It always has something interesting to bookmark for later. The links they share are especially useful for me, as I don’t visit HackerNews, so it’s nice to have the currently popular posts/projects directly sent to your email.